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Discover Your Install Base Opportunity With Tech Data

Find new refresh, renewal and coverage opportunities for your pipeline. Identify ways of mitigating risk in customer networks to add value to your relationships, and pinpoint methods of reducing the cost and complexity of managing customer networks.

Discover how to reduce costs, mitigate risks and build revenues when you request a Smart IB report, giving you full visibility on your Install Base.

Your IB report provides insight into a number of areas including:


Discover the usage of your services so you can build plans to support user adoption. Align software with the business outcomes the customers want to achieve, to deliver long-term value.

Discover your Adopt opportunities


Discover the many different devices within your customer’s network to find opportunities to consolidate contracts and win new business. Work with your customer’s to plan networks and align with their long-term strategy, expanding opportunities within your existing customer base.

Discover your Expand opportunities


Discover where the risk lies in your customer’s network. Cover the uncovered and find those that have reached end of life or Last Day of Support (LDoS) on their services contracts to drive refresh opportunities.

Discover your Refresh opportunities


Discover whether you can consolidate and co-terminate contracts for easier renewals, and build a business case for both multi-year contracts or consolidating services from multiple vendors into your contract.

Discover your Renewal opportunities

Webinars for Tech Data partners

Once you have signed up for a Smart IB report, we will have partner webinars to help you unlock the value the report contains. Look out for more information after you sign-up.

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Request Report

Request a report today and get visibility on the hidden opportunities in your install base including renewals, refresh, LDoS and where you can cover the uncovered. It’s really simple – just complete our quick sign-up process to unlock tools and support that help you make the most of an IB report.

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