Energy Management

Energy Management means your customers can reduce their energy costs. This saving can then be used to invest in network upgrades or other technology investments. The Smart IB report provides insight into the potential savings possible to help you build a business case to introduce new energy management solutions to your customers and light up your pipeline.

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Find out how Creative ITC helps global construction customer drive business outcomes with a Smart IB report.

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Calculate your Energy Cost Savings

Experiment with the values in the following to see the potential savings.

Number of Employees:


Number of switches:


Number of Access Points:


Potential Annual Savings:


*The potential energy savings is based on an annual savings of $45.00 (USD) per employee, $10.70 (USD) per switch, and $6.20 (USD) per Wireless Access Point. Actual savings may vary.

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Swisscom reduce customer support complexity with the data available in a Smart IB report.

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From Smart IB to C2V

Similar to Smart IB, Click to View (C2V) is another easy way to maximise the potential from your Install Base. Working in co-ordination with the Cisco Service Contract Center, C2V enables you to grant Tech Data access to all your Smartnet data from the Cisco database, regardless of where you purchased initially, and present you with clear actionables relevant to the challenges facing your customers. Don’t ever miss an opportunity again – request your C2V today.

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