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Find new refresh, renewal and coverage opportunities for your pipeline. Identify ways of mitigating risk in customer networks to add value to your relationships, and pinpoint methods of reducing the cost and complexity of managing customer networks.

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The Digital Ready Program allows you to:

Cover the Uncovered

You need to make sure your customers have the right support level in place, as no support coverage or incorrect services information can create business critical risks, financial loss and damages your reputation as the support partner. The Smart IB report shows you what is covered and entitled to support, along with what is not, providing you with the opportunity to upsell and grow your business.

Reduce cost & complexity in administration

With the information available in the Smart IB report, you can advise your customers on ways to simplify contract management and administration, saving you both time and money.

Mitigate risks

The Smart IB report will highlight renewals, last day of support (LDoS), along with hardware products at end of life. This can support you to improve your lifecycle management and to plan campaigns around upgrades and complete replacements.

Why you should sign up

New customer demands
Never before has it been this important to prioritise your customer needs.

Increased cost & complexity
New demands such as an increased number of devices on the network, applications, users and threats have an impact on both IT costs and complexity.

Higher risks
Flexibility and storage size are growing fast and becoming more flexible with the cloud, internet and mobility enlarge the attack surface of business of all sizes.

What’s in it for you as a partner?

With the Smart IB report, you enable your business to grow revenue with your existing customers and generate new business opportunities. The report gives insight and visibility into your customers’ devices, and enables you to unlock the hidden potential in your customers’ install base whilst reducing operational expenses and risks.

Webinars for Tech Data partners

Once you have signed up for a Smart IB report, we will let you know about our partner webinars to help you unlock the value contained in the report. Look out for more information after you sign-up.

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From Smart IB to C2V

Similar to Smart IB, Click to View (C2V) is another easy way to maximise the potential from your Install Base. Working in co-ordination with the Cisco Service Contract Center, C2V enables you to grant Tech Data access to all your Smartnet data from the Cisco database, regardless of where you purchased initially, and present you with clear actionables relevant to the challenges facing your customers. Don’t ever miss an opportunity again – request your C2V today.

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