Discover which renewals you have coming up, expiry dates of contracts and on what equipment. This is valuable information as you can effectively forward plan, consider co-termination and contract consolidation, as you will know what your renewal business looks like.

Growing your renewals will grow your business:

  1. Drive recurring revenue to build your business year-on-year and support longer-term planning.
  2. Enjoy closer and deeper customer relationships supporting more business together.
  3. Consider multi-year contracts to lift customer loyalty.
  4. Focus your sales team on new business, as higher renewal rates reduce the sales effort required.

Improve Renewal rates with Multi-Year contracts

Download our Multi-Year Info-graphic to learn more about how longer term contracts deliver benefits for partners and customers alike.


Featured Success Story from Cisco

Swisscom reduce customer support complexity with Icebreaker

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Discover the calculations behind the benefits

Use our calculators to predict the impact that an IB report could have on your business:

Coverage Calculator

Find the impact of lifting your coverage rates, renewal rates and attach rates could have on your revenues.

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Contract Calculator

See how consolidating your contracts and contract end-dates could save your business money.

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Attach Rate Calculator

Attach more services either at the point of renewal of just after sale, and build your business.

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LifeCycle Advantage Program

For qualifying partners, Cisco Lifecycle Advantage centers on important milestones in the life of a customer and uses action-triggered email automation to provide partners with a simple, efficient customer engagement model. The program is based on the opportunities in your Icebreaker reports. We start by helping you identify the opportunities, formalise a plan with you and execute specific journeys to improve renewals, expand coverage and adoption of Cisco technology.

Start by requesting an IB report, and the Cisco team will be on contact with more information if you qualify.

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Request a report today and get visibility on the hidden opportunities in your install base including renewals, refresh, LDoS and where you can cover the uncovered. It’s really simple – just complete our quick sign-up process to unlock tools and support that help you make the most of an IB report.

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