Cisco Lifecycle Advantage

Digital Ready is a Tech Data program from distributor to Partner, that allows Partners to receive the latest opportunity information about their install database. The Lifecycle Advantage Program (LCA) is a Cisco program that focuses on Partner to End-User communication based on those opportunities. Partners eligible for LCA can combine both programs to make sure all the opportunities are being identified and discussed. As part of the same strategy, we are glad to share LCA insights with you.

Award winning, Cisco Lifecycle Advantage is a Cisco program that promotes adoption, simplifies renewals, and upsells to higher value solutions. It focuses on important milestones in the life of a customer and uses action-triggered email automation to provide the qualifying partners with a simple, efficient customer engagement model.

The program is based on the opportunities in your Smart IB reports and can help you identify the opportunities, formalise a plan and execute specific journeys to improve renewals, expand coverage and adoption of Cisco technology. Start by requesting a Smart IB report from your Tech Data sales team through this portal or directly. The Tech Data team will give you the necessary support to work your opportunities and if you meet the requirements, the Cisco team will contact you with more information about the Lifecycle Advantage program.

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Request a Smart IB report today to get visibility on the hidden opportunities in your installed base including renewals, refresh, LDoS and where you can cover the uncovered. Just complete our quick sign-up process now and we will send you your Smart IB report.

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From Smart IB to C2V

Similar to Smart IB, Click to View (C2V) is another easy way to maximise the potential from your Install Base. Working in co-ordination with the Cisco Service Contract Center, C2V enables you to grant Tech Data access to all your Smartnet data from the Cisco database, regardless of where you purchased initially, and present you with clear actionables relevant to the challenges facing your customers. Don’t ever miss an opportunity again – request your C2V today.

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